Welcome Prof. Hui Jiang, Beijing Jiaotong University, China to be the Keynote Speaker!

Prof. Hui Jiang, Beijing Jiaotong University, China


曾赴美国Notre Dame大学开展科研交流一年。


Jiang Hui, Ph.D., the professor and doctoral tutor of Beijing Jiaotong University, is the Deputy Director of Institute of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering.
Research field: 1) Seismic resistance and control design theory and method of bridge structure; 2) Design and construction theory and method of prefabricated engineering structure; 3) Design and evaluation of comprehensive disaster mitigation for large-scale sea-crossing bridges under multi-hazard coupling environment.
Achievements: For the past years, Prof. Jiang has led over nearly 20 state-level, provincial and ministerial-level scientific research projects. He has published more than 60 academic articles and patented multiple national invention patents and software copyrights. He is the compiler for 2 books. He has granted 4 scientific research awards, such as Grand Prize of China Railway Society Science and Technology Award. He has supervised nearly 30 master’s degree students.
Social affiliations: Prof. Jiang takes many roles like the Director of Sub-association for Bridge Steel Structures of China Steel Construction Society; the Member of Prestressed Engineering Committee of China Association for Engineering Construction Standardization; the Member of Technical Committee of Hebei Engineering Technology Research Center for Seismic Reduction Technology and Devices.
From March 2016 to April 2017, He has been sponsored to work as a visiting scholar and academic exchange in University of Notre Dame.