Welcome A. Prof. Longqi Li, Chengdu University of Technology, China to be the TPC!

A. Prof. Longqi Li, Chengdu University of Technology, China


目前担任国际土力学与岩土工程学会会员,国际岩石力学与工程学会会员,中国岩石力学工程学会红层分会理事,澳大利亚ARC国家岩土研究中心Associatefellow等。近年来主持及参与了多项国家级、省部级科研计划,其中包括国家自然科学基金4项,省部级项目4项,横向科研计划8项,获得国家专利授权6项,申请发明专利2项。目前从事的非连续非饱和岩土力学研究是国际上岩土领域中的一个前沿性研究课题,对于揭示降雨诱发的山区边坡失稳灾害机理及开展相关的预警工作具有重要的指导意义。针对该领域的若干典型科学问题,结合大量的野外调研及三维信息量化研究(无人机与3S技术、BIM虚拟技术、三维空间拓扑技术)、岩土现代化物性试验、大型模型实验(常规降雨、离心机降雨)、非线性数值分析及二次开发(连续-非连续介质体)、理论推导分析等工作,进行了系统地研究。国内外学术论文30余篇,包含SCI计8篇和国内行业顶级EI期刊《岩石力学与工程学报》、《岩土力学》等论文8篇,期间获邀担任《岩石力学与工程学报》、《岩土力学》、《Bul.Geo.Env.Eng.》、《Engineering Geology》等多个国内外期刊审稿人。
2014年博士毕业次年以项目主持人身份,主持国家自然科学基金青年基金1项及四川省教育厅科研项目1项、地质灾害防治与地质环境保护国家重点实验室自由研究课题1项。2015年6月获得成都理工大学第三届青年教师讲课竞赛三等奖。2016年10月被遴选为副教授、研究生导师。2016年12月获得成都理工大学青年骨干教师培养计划资助。2017年5月指导本科生获得成都理工大学岩土大赛一等奖(第一名)。2017年指导学生获得第二届全国大学生岩土结构设计竞赛三等奖。2017年10月指导学生获得第七届Mathorcup大学生数学建模挑战赛优秀奖。此外,已指导10余位本科生论文顺利通过答辩。目前指导本科生5名,指导硕士生8名。已指导多名研究生获得国家奖学金及校优秀毕业生奖励,其中2017级几位研究生获得研究生国家奖学金比例为100%。2018年1月赴澳大利亚UniversityofNewcastle开展博士后研究,合作导师为国际岩土力学领域四大top期刊之一Canadian Geotechnical Journal主编Daichao Sheng教授。


He is a member of the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, member of the International Society of Rock Mechanics and Engineering, director of the Red Bed branch of Chinese Society of Rock Mechanics and Engineering, associate fellow of national geotechnical research center in Australia, etc. In recent years, he has presided over and participated in several national, provincial, and ministerial scientific research projects, including 4 National Natural Science Foundation, 4 provincial and ministerial projects, 8 horizontal scientific research plans, 6 national patent authorizations and 2 invention patents. At present, his main research interests are focused on discontinuous unsaturated geotechnical mechanics, which is a leading hotspot in the international geotechnical field. It is of great significance for revealing the mechanism of slope instability induced by rainfall and relevant early warning work. Aiming at some typical scientific problems in this field, he conducted his research with many field investigation and quantitative research of three-dimensional information technologies (UAV and 3S technology, BIM virtual technology, three-dimensional spatial topology Technology), geotechnical modern physical property test, large-scale model experiment (conventional rainfall, centrifuge rainfall), nonlinear numerical analysis and secondary development (continuous and discontinuous mass). He has published over 30 academic papers at home and abroad, including 8 SCI papers and 8 top EI papers in the leading journal. On the other hand, he was invited to serve as a reviewer of many domestic and foreign journals, such as Journal of Rock Mechanics and Engineering, Journal of Geotechnical Mechanics, bull. Geo. Env. Eng., Engineering Geology, etc.

In the following year after receiving doctor's degree in 2014, he presided over one youth fund of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, one scientific research project of Sichuan Provincial Department of education, and one free research project of the State Key Laboratory of geological disaster prevention and geological environment protection. In June 2015, he won the third prize in the third young teacher lecture competition of Chengdu University of technology. He was selected as an associate professor and graduate student supervisor in October 2016. In December 2016, he was supported by the training program for young backbone teachers of Chengdu University of technology. In May 2017, he guided undergraduates to win the first prize in the geotechnical competition of Chengdu University of technology. In 2017, he guided students to win the third prize in the second national college students' geotechnical structure design competition. In October 2017, he guided some students to win the excellence award of the 7th Mathcup college students of mathematical modeling challenge. In addition, more than 10 graduated students have been guided to successfully receive their Master’s degree, many of which have obtained national scholarships and awards for outstanding graduates of the University. Among them, the proportion of several graduate students of 2017 to obtain national scholarships for graduate students is 100%. In January 2018, he went to the University of Newcastle in Australia to carry out post-doctoral research, and the cooperative tutor is Professor Daichao Sheng, an editor in chief of Canadian geotechnical journal that is one of the four top journals in the field of International Geotechnical Mechanics.